Tired of creating grade 4 math lesson plans?
Imagine what else you could be doing with all your spare time, if someone else created them for you!
Elementary All In One Math is both an online teachers community & all-in-one teaching resource, completely aligned to the CCSS.
We do all the hard work so that you can focus on what you love - the teaching!
Welcome to Elementary-All-In-One-Math Grade 4. We are passionate about providing a positive and supportive learning environment. We want to empower you the teacher, to focus on what you love doing - the teaching! We know (as teachers ourselves) how much time goes into planning, preparing & collating all the games, lesson plans, worksheets, manipulatives just to formulate a single lesson. So we decided to do all the hard work for you! We provide the highest quality lesson plans & resources available! 

Get your free week of lesson plans today, join our free 4th Grade Math Teachers Facebook group today and if you love all that, then become a member and Never Plan Another 4th Grade Math Lesson Again.
Our Membership Program Includes The Following:
  •  Well firstly, we do all the planning & prepping so that you don't have to! The highest of quality lesson plans & resources readily available, over 600 individual resources to cover the full grade 4 curriculum.
  •  All of our lesson plans and available resources are completely aligned to the CCSS, just to make it a little easier for you!
  •  Enabling both creativity and joy in the classroom is an absolute MUST for us. You'll find that we've incorporated lot's of fun games through out!
  •  Best of all you'll also have access to our Private Members Only Facebook Group.  You can share with other 4th grade teachers and I develop further resources based on the needs of the group.
Hear from Cathy, the owner & founder here at Elementary All In One Math

Elementary All In One Math

The Elementary All In One Math community is all about enabling you the teacher, to focus more on the teaching! We do all the prepping, planning and collating, so that you don't have to! Our aim is to empower you with the highest quality Lesson Plans & Resources available. 
Cathy Faulkner, Founder & Creator
Hi, my name's Cathy, that's me to the left with my three beautiful kids! I just thought i'd take some time to share with you a little about myself. I'm an elementary school teacher, currently teaching grade 5. Over the last 10 years i've had the privilege of covering most grades from 1-5. I absolutely love teaching, I love the classroom and ADORE my students! 

I'll be honest though... I'm not sure about you, but I find it a constant struggle getting all my Lesson Plans & Resources together for each different subject, especially the ones I don't enjoy as much! I'm sure as a fellow teacher that you can relate to sometimes finding frustration in having to find the right Creative Ideas & Resources, ensuring they're of Excellent Quality, Comprehensive, align to the CCSS - you know what I mean... we've all been there! 
So don't get me wrong, like I said I absolutely love the teaching, and I love the environment that comes with it, I don't personally think there's anything that comes close to being able to speak love & life into my students and see them grow into the best version of themselves! BUT, occasionally I just want some of my cherished 'after-school hours' (as I like to call them) back, just to soak up time in the sun & in nature with my beautiful family! 

Math is my favorite subject, but i understand it isn't everyone's! I used to get so frustrated that I wasn't able to find what I wanted when it came to designing my lessons, particularly the ones I wasn't passionate about. I eventually said to my husband..

"You know what?! I'm going to take time out, I'm going to create high quality lesson plans aligned to the CCSS, with all the right components! I'm going to create an 'all in one solution', for REAL teachers to use in REAL classrooms"

So that's exactly what I did! I've created an All In One community for elementary school teachers just like yourself. Empowering you (the professional!) to go back to focussing on the teaching, the classroom and your beautiful students! Less time prepping, planning and collating and more time doing what you love, whether it be time spent on your passions, your family, or anything else it is that you might not have had time for in the past! 
Whilst I have created a whole community exclusive to our members, I wanted to share some free value for you teachers! If this does relate to you, or even just interest you, please click below to receive 'One Free Week of Grade 4 Lesson Plans & Resources Plus MUCH More!' To hear from teachers who are already a part of our community keep reading below, and you'll find some 'Teachers Testimonials'.

God Bless and Thank YOU so much for taking the time to check out what we're all about at Elementary All In One Math!
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Elementary All In One Math is both an online teachers community & all-in-one teaching resources, completely aligned to the CCSS.